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Some Of The Services At Folsom Auto Center

Smog Inspection and Repair

Smog CheckWhen it comes time for your vehicle to have a state SMOG inspection performed, we can perform the inspection on most any vehicle, including those directed to a test-only facility or if the vehicle is an exotic, i.e. Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.

Standard SMOG Inspection Fees are $49.75 + $8.25 Cert. + $1.75 Transfer Fee = $59.75 Complete

We also inspect full size and conversion vans as well as most motorhomes. The cost for these vehicle types is typically higher overall, but varies depending on vehicle configuration.

Pre-Tests are available and are the same in cost as the official inspection without the certificate and transfer fees.

If your vehicle fails to pass a SMOG inspection with us or at another facility, we are fully equipped and expertly trained in the art of SMOG failure diagnosis and repair.

Folsom Auto Center is also Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) certified.




Computer Control Systems

Today's vehicles are highly dependent on computers for maintaining, monitoring and controlling almost every aspect of your vehicle's electronic systems.

From the engine to the brakes, the radio to climate control, the windows, lights, and even the seats are all controlled through a series of computer modules that are networked together and integrated with each other to provide the drivers and passengers of today's vehicles with the utmost level of efficiency, comfort and finite control they demand. But what do you do when these systems stop working the way they are intended?

We have expertly trained technicians and latest diagnostic equipment to address these issues. From diagnostics and testing to repair, we have what it takes to resolve the most complicated problems with these systems.

If you are experiencing an issue in any of these areas, rest assured we have the ability to resolve them with the highest level of efficiency.

As with any diagnosis, if it takes less time than we estimated, we will reduce the cost, to the time used.




Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Folsom Auto Center provides a comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection that examines the major mechanical systems of your vehicle for a detailed and accurate report of their overall condition.

The Vehicle Inspection service is very informative for the vehicle purchase process.  This allows a potential buyer to have an overall idea of what condition the vehicle is in and what repairs may be required.  Many customers also enjoy the peace of mind this inspection provides before a long trip, minimizing the chances of a breakdown while traveling or between changes in the season.

Here are just a few of the items inspected during this service:

  • Brakes: Condition and remaining life of rotors/drums and brake pads/shoes, condition and level of brake fluid, caliper and wheel cylinder operation, inspect for any hydraulic fluid leaks and overall braking system performance.

  • Drivetrain:

    • Automatic Transmission fluid level and condition, performance, shift quality and timing, torque convertor operation and inspection for leaks.

    • Manual Transmission fluid level and condition, clutch engagement/disengagement, synchromesh feel and operation, and leak inspection.

    • Transfer case operation, fluid condition and level and leak inspection.

    • Drive shafts and axles are inspected for damage, leaks, split boots (C/V Axles).

  • Suspension components are checked for wear, condition of boots and alignment condition. Shocks and struts are inspected for proper operation, leaks and damage. The steering system is also inspected for leaks, noises and proper operation of rack/gear, pump and all associated lines, the fluid level and condition is also reported.

  • The engine compartment is thoroughly inspected for abnormal noises, leaks, condition of cooling system and oil carrying hoses, belt condition, engine oil level and condition, and air filter condition.

  • All exterior lights are checked for proper operation.

All of these items and more are inspected and reported on in detail. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle in the near future, it is highly recommended that you have your potential new vehicle inspected prior to purchase. We have been able to save our customers from expensive repairs in what appeared to be an inexpensive vehicle!!




Scheduled Maintenance

Folsom Auto Center is fully equipped to perform the manufacture suggested scheduled maintenance for most makes and models of vehicles.

Maintaining your vehicle according to the manufacturer's schedule is a vital part of keeping your vehicle happy and healthy and keeping your repair costs to a minimum.

Most manufacturers have certain components that require attention at specific intervals to maintain reliability:

  •  Timing belts, transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases are just a few of the major components that are serviced at these intervals.
  •  Many manufacturers have model specific elements that require more frequent attention than what would be given in a general vehicle inspection. Just one more reason to adhere to the recommended schedule and maintenance lists.

We provide honest and straightforward recommendations for items found during the inspection process. To help with your budget, we can recommended repairs based on priority level.






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